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Kelsay Elizabeth Myers

Kelsay Myers is a Korean adoptee from West Michigan. She earned her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Saint Mary's College of California in Moraga and is currently a candidate for the MFA in Poetry as well. Her work can be found in the Asian adoptee anthology, More Voices, the music journal Caught in the Carousel, and she has a column on the Lantern Review Blog called, "Becoming Realer: Identity, Craft, and the MFA."

For more information go to www.kelsayelizabethmyers.com



French actress, Fanny Ardant said,

"As a girl, whenever I read a beautiful passage in a book I would run to my sister and read it to her. It is the feeling that you have to share the beautiful with someone else.

Beauty is what I strive to capture. Beauty in the abstract, beauty in the everyday, beauty in other people and beauty in myself.

I find beauty everywhere: in my friends, in a painting, in a book, on the silver screen, while walking down the street. I want to share that beauty with the whole world. . .

Always—the beautiful is placed on a pedestal.

Beauty is something just out of reach, a thing to be achieved. It is both a means and an end, a desire and a product.

Here is an object: a quotidian thing, a trinket, a symbol.

Here is a memory: a story, a lived experience, also a symbol.

My birth father was a pawn broker in Busan, South Korea, so perhaps I am genetically predisposed to relate to objects. Or, perhaps growing up in the United States as part of Generation Y has socially conditioned me towards a certain brand of materialism. Or, perhaps the facticity of being an adoptee means I replace people with things and have difficulty with subject/object relations.

My background in poetry gives me a metaphorical sense of the image, my background in philosophy a love of ideas, my background in nonfiction an obsession for getting at the truth of my own experiences, and my background in found object and mixed media art installation with the compulsion to use whatever I find around me to express it. The material, the personal and the symbolic cannot be separated in my life or my art. All of these layers add texture, and above all, beauty to my growing body of work.



1890 Bryant Street, Suite 302, San Francisco, CA 94110